Hakuyoku No Polaris Vol. 1 Epilogue


Two months had passed since that faithful day.

With the help of Stella as an arbitrator, Vessel and Batoh both agreed on a peace treaty. King Sole and King Arbour managed to reach an agreement that benefited both of their countries equally.

Afterwards, my father was nowhere to be seen. All traces of Boreas had vanished into thin air. Nowadays, the only evidence that they were even here was with the picture I took from afar.

Everything ended in the best case scenario, yet King Sole was understandably upset at his own actions that stemmed from his misunderstandings. Luckily, that only seemed to strengthen the relationship I had with him and the other royals.

Rumors about my “legendary battle” had spread throughout Vessel, making me some sort of a mini-celebrity. I was able to receive more delivery requests because of that, but somehow they became harder to do. I guess being famous was more akin to a double-edge sword.

I was back at Sunk Tierra to finally continue my break I started long ago.

As usual, I could hear nothing but the waves crashing against the shore and the wind blowing against the trees.

I fidgeted with the star sapphire hanging around my neck. No matter how many times I wanted to return it, Stella was adamant in her refusal to take it back. Sometimes she really could be stubborn in the weirdest ways.

Speaking of which, this beach was where I first met Stella. I took a pause to remember that faithful day, only to be interrupted by someone calling my name.


I turned around.


She was the last person I expected to see here if I were expecting to see anyone at all.

“It’s good to see you doing well, Ciel,” she said with a little bow.

“W-Why are you here?” I asked.

“Should I not have come?”

“That’s not what I said… Besides, how did you even get here? I didn’t even tell you the exact coordinates for this island…”

“C’mon, remember? Before we departed here, I got a close look at your stream chart,” she answered.

True. She had even said  her coordinates here to the second, so there shouldn’t be a reason why she couldn’t figure out the location herself.

“Clearly you’re relaxing too much,” she poked at me jokingly.

It had only been a few months since our adventure together, but our conversation right now and even her smile felt so nostalgic.

“Hey, I’ve decided!” she said. “I will join you as a fellow Swallow.”


“This time I got my father’s permission. He gave me his blessing and even told me to see places where no one in my family had seen. Amazing, right?”

I sighed. Wasn’t this the same King who was wary about Stella travelling with me?

“But don’t I get a say in this…”

“You’re not going to say no, are you?!?!” she shouted.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess my refusal was out of the question.

“You really are selfish, you know that?”

She laughed and ran up to my side.

I could spend days and days talking about the adventures we had after, but for now this is a good place to stop. After all, this was only the beginning.

During that time, even though I had only recently taken my father’s title of “The White Wing,” I traveled so much with Stella that it felt like I had seen it all.

Yet I knew that what I experienced was only a small part of what the world had to offer. A small part, yes, but it was something Stella and I shared together.

[End Volume 1]

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