Qualidea Code: Doudemo ii Sekai Nante English Translation

Hey everyone!

This project is on Qualidea Code: Doudemo ii Sekai Nante. For those of you unfamiliar with Qualidea Code, Frog-kun made a great Q&A about it here.

You can find Chapter 1 here. I’ll do my best to keep them coming!

Also this is my first translation so cut me some slack please ^^ If you see anything that needs fixing, let me know.

9 thoughts on “Qualidea Code: Doudemo ii Sekai Nante English Translation”

  1. Hey man i cant thank you enough for translating this . I absolutely love the qualidea series and was waiting for a translation ever since i heard of it.I was happy when it got an anime but to tell you the truth i was only interested in wataru watari’s novel so you cant imagine how happy I was when I found this translation.Again thank you for this awesome translation.

  2. I’ve been looking for an english translation for this ever since the anime aired. I’m more interested with the Chiba pair out of all the 3 pairs from the anime.

    Thank you so much for doing the translations! I can’t wait for the next chapters. Keep it up!

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