Halfway Done!

So with the release of Chapter 3, we are finally halfway done with Volume 1 (well, more than that actually, about 120/220 pages). It only took about 100 pages for Asuha to appear…

Hopefully you guys are enjoying it so far. If you don’t like the post format (maybe more parts or fewer parts) or the writing style, let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

Next chapter will be a bit late, sorry! m(_ _)m

Picture by 一色.

3 thoughts on “Halfway Done!”

  1. hello and thank you for the hard work i don’t really have any complaints but how about posting one part at a time instead of a whole chapter cuz that way you can post more often than now. and i agree with fluffysheep on the date to the update since i don’t like checking everyday day until i find a new chapter anyway thank you for the translation and since your next post will be in January happy xmas

  2. Thank you so much for the time and effort you allot for this project! I have no complaints whatsoever. On the side note, I like how you put dates on the next update. It ease my mind that I have a next chapter to look forward to. :)

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